History Information

Past Presidents of Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society (PBSCCS)

The PBSCCS is an organization represented by major and minor league strength and conditioning coaches from each MLB organization. Its focus is to provide education, community outreach awareness, and long term athletic development information about our roles and responsibilities in professional baseball. The Society is also a valuable resource to parents, player and coaches for information on improving baseball development and fitness among our nation’s youth. The President is the highest elected position within the PBSCCS governing body.

Past Presidents of the PBSCCS :

1995-2003 – Fernando Montes, Cleveland Indians

2004-2007 – Tim Maxey, Cleveland Indians

2008-2008 – Brad Andres, Colorado Rockies

2009-2012 – Jim Malone, San Diego Padres

2013-2014 – Jim Malone, New York Mets

2014- Current – Brendon Huttmann, Pittsburgh Pirates


Major League Baseball All-Star Game Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Just as every Major Leaguer aspires to be selected to play in Baseball’s annual “Mid-Summer Classic,” members of Professional Baseball Strength and Conditioning Coaches Society, (PBSCCS) also consider selection as an All-Star Game Strength and Conditioning Coach to be a significant achievement and a career highlight. Being an All-Star Game Strength and Conditioning Coach means you’ve been recognized by your peers as one of the best of the best. One strength and conditioning coach from each league is selected annually by his peers to represent the PBSCCS at the All-Star Game. Coaches are selected on the basis of Major League service time, experience and accomplishments, and must be a member of the PBSCCS and be certified and registered by NSCA (CSCS and RSCC).

Past Participants in the Major League All-Star Game :

2012 – Gene Coleman, Houston Astros

2013 – Kevin Barr, Tampa Bay Rays and Jim Malone, New York Mets

2014 – Perry Castellano,  Minnesota Twins, Paul Fournier, Philadelphia Phillies


The Nolan Ryan Award – PBSCCS Coach of the Year

The Nolan Ryan Award is the most prestigious award that the PBSCCS gives. Named after Hall of Fame Pitcher, Nolan Ryan, the award honors the “outstanding Strength and Conditioning Coach in professional baseball” whose accomplishments reflect an exemplary dedication to strength training and conditioning. The award also recognizes the recipient’s professional and personal accomplishments as well as his integrity as a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

The award is a peer award and only PBSCCS members who are employed by a professional baseball team are eligible to vote on the Award. To be considered for the award, an individual must be actively coaching in professional baseball; be a member of the PBSCCS; be certified and registered by NSCA (CSCS and RSCC); have at least five years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach in professional baseball; and have made a significant impact on the health, fitness and performance of athletes in professional baseball within the past 12 months.

Past Recipients of the Nolan Ryan Award :

2004 – Gene Coleman, Houston Astros

2005 – Allen Thomas, Chicago White Sox

2006 – Tim Maxey, Cleveland Indians

2007 – Dave Page, Boston Red Sox

2008 – Kevin Barr, Tampa Bay Rays

2009 – Dana Cavalea, New York Yankees

2010 – Perry Castellano, Minnesota Twins

2011 – Pete Prinzi – St. Louis Cardinals

2012 – Jim Malone, San Diego Padres

2013 – Matt Krause, Cincinnati Reds

2014 – Brendon Huttmann, Pittsburgh Pirates, Jose Vazquez, Texas Rangers

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